Category: Textile Arts

  • Project Recap: Thoughts on My Upcycled Denim Corset

    I last wore ‘hard pants’ (I wear leggings under my skirts like Daenerys Targaryen so I’m not talking about those) sometime in 2019, in the before-fore times. I’ve never been a huge fan of trousers — I’ve always preferred skirts. I even wore skirts when I was marathoning. Imagine my annoyance when I went to […]

  • Learning About An Antique Singer Sewing Machine

    The resources I used to learn about my new-to-me Singer. I love old treadle sewing machines, and I’ve romanticized them since a relatively young age. I’ve been vaguely looking for an antique sewing machine for over a year, and I was picky about it. Once you start looking for them you find them cropping up […]

  • What I Learned By Sewing and Wearing An 1890’s Working Woman’s Corset

    I’m just going to say it, I really like the way I look in a corset. A confluence of things six months ago first lead me to the strange thought that I could sew a corset. The thought that I could sew one lead me straight to the idea that I should. I’m not alone in […]