Work Experience


March 2019 to Present

Established and grew a successful copywriting and data analysis business that provided a variety of services to a broad range of clients.

Managed all aspects of the business, including client relationships, project management, and financial operations.

Wrote data-driven copy for websites, brochures, advertisements, and other marketing materials, resulting in increased engagement and conversions for clients.

Developed strong skills in copywriting, marketing, and entrepreneurship. 

Created data visualizations exploring data acquired from states like Oregon and Michigan to show evidence of lab fraud.

Created data visualizations for ASA’s ‘Regulating Patient Health’ survey of US laboratories.

Supported litigation efforts by creating custom data sources and reporting using SharePoint, PowerApps, and PowerBI.

EHR / Informatics Coordinator

Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon – Eugene, OR

November 2020 to May 2021

Educated PPSO on EHR fundamentals, workflow terminology, and project management principles, and reporting best practices.

Trained staff on NextGen. Created NextGen templates Created NextGen custom reports. Monitored compliance activities.

Implemented CDD and Orchard lab interfaces. Coordinated with multiple vendors

Created onboarding training materials including video. Created data extracts for ad hoc reporting.

Trained staff on Tableau.

Advised on policy, procedure, and infrastructure issues. 

Data Guru / EHR Specialist

White Bird Clinic – Eugene, OR

March 2019 to August 2019

Educated White Bird staff on HIPAA policies and procedures, EHR functionality, workflow terminology, and project management principles.

Created project plan for agency-wide rollout of EHR by function to re-invigorate project after several serious failures.

Created data warehouse to store overall agency data. Trained staff on NextGen.

Created NextGen templates Created NextGen custom reports. Monitored compliance activities.

Created HIPAA audit processes and companion reports and data procedures from several EHR’s (Daisy, NextGen).

Mentored staff and volunteers on best practices on a variety of clinical subjects. Coordinated with multiple vendors

Lead Data Architect

UPMC Health Plan – Pittsburgh, PA

January 2012 to February 2018

Educated and advised executive staff on key data assets and their value.

Delivered Membership dashboard as a POC in PowerBI / Azure to demonstrate migration capabilities. Created a 3 Year strategic plan and road map for data development at UPMC.

Created and Chaired IT Data Management team for cross-functional data management program. Architected onboarding process for data from new technology and new partner acquisitions.

Created an interactive training module for all Health Plan employees on basic data governance concepts. Helped create a data steward / information owner committee for data governance.

Created task force to mobilize data to address the Opioid crisis. Approved new models for data warehouse development.

Created project intake process for data projects across the health plan. Assisted in Test Data Management architecture to support new Centralized QA Governance efforts.

Created Process Documentation for the department to echo its growing needs organizationally.

Expert ETL Programmer

UPMC Health Plan

January 2012 to February 2017

Repaired and recreated ETL to support HEDIS Reporting

Created a full test environment to allow for first end to end testing in the department. Implemented Version control.

Created logical and physical models for warehouse including Type 1 / Type 2 SCD’s.

Created and edited all mappings for ICD-10 solution over 400 mappings in a 6 month period.

Tuned ETL mappings (reduced some 24 hour processing tasks to 5 minutes, decreased average load times from 16 hours to 8 hours).

Worked closely with users to strategically align departments with business needs, and discuss the roadmap to future success.

Created ETL / extracts from Informatica repositories to examine usage and compliance to coding standards in addition to creating coding and documentation standards..

Enabled / setup Metadata Manager, Reporting Services, Salesforce modules. Configuration of servers for upgrade to 9.6.

Created Process Documentation for the department.

Mentored teammates on relational database design and data warehousing design. Troubleshooting for over 1,000 active mappings and sessions that built the Insurance Data Warehouse.

Senior Data Analyst

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC 

January 2010 to December 2012

Acted as a Project Manager for the Medipac conversion project, Golden Gate conversion project, universe conversion project teams.

Served on Project Management Lifecycle team to ensure consistent processes across all of Children’s IT. Co-authored paper on data management.

Assisted in creation of RFP and the subsequent vendor selection for an ETL tool. Mentored other employees on relational database design and data warehousing design. Created documentation and department process to support Honest Broker reporting.

Updated departmental process diagrams.

Compiled information regarding SOX compliance and expected controls. Wrote and maintained BI reports and documentation.

Performed documentation audit.

Senior Consultant: Project Management / Health System Interfaces 

Peak Healthcare / Kaiser Permanente – Pasadena, CA 

January 2009 to December 2010

Project Manager / HL7 specialist, SME for Radiology, Cardiology, ESRD, Home Health, and Laboratory billing, coding, and compliance.

Constructed and maintained project plans, budgets, and ROI.

Mentored other employees on relational database design, HL7 interfacing techniques, coding and compliance issues, HIPAA.

Analyzed regional data to support further initiatives and to report on project progress.

Created financial reporting data mart by extracting data from Epic in Crystal reports, and transforming / loading into an easy-to query SQL Server solution

Senior BI Consultant 

Aviana Technologies – Brea, CA

July 2006 – December 2008

In-house (Aviana):

Conducted training for healthcare vertical for sales, technical, and the company overall. Domain / Subject Matter Expert for Healthcare.

Participated as a Senior Consultant in several contracts and engagements. Performed technical interviews for healthcare candidates.

Staffing engagements for several teams including the Systems Integration, Care Vue Reporting, and Oracle Database Implementation.

Cedars-Sinai (Epic, Clinical Data Warehousing, Clinical Reporting)

Performed clinical data validation across 40 metrics created from 200 points of data. Staffing engagements for several teams including the Systems Integration, Care Vue Reporting, and Oracle Database Implementation Team.

Performed clinical data validation across 40 KPI’s with 20 databases.

Created Extracts of many varieties from several databases for CDR (Clniical Data Repository) from EHRs and HL7 messaging.Transformed data and loaded it to CDR utilizing stored procedures / summary tables, along with documentation of procedures and transformations.

Created HL7 interfaces at Engine level in Ensemble.

Performed technical and functional requirements analysis for end-users of Oracle databases and HL7 interfaces.

Assisted in documenting clinical data repository and the 100 related interfaces.

Documented functional, technical, and clinical requirements for over 50 clinical, scheduling, and A/D/T interfaces from / to Epic Bridges.

Alta Med (Clinical and Financial) Data Warehousing

Pre-sales and analysis for an enterprise wide corporate data warehouse. Formulated content of response to RFP as it related to Domain Expertise in Health Care.

Conducted interviews of 40 data stakeholders to establish and document complex functional requirements of a large-scale health care data warehousing project.

Articulated needs as Domain / Subject Matter Expert for internal developers. Assisted the organization in formulating meaningful KPI’s.

Authored the algorithm for the data warehouse’s Master Patient, Master Provider, Master Procedure (CPT), and Master Diagnoses (ICD-9) list.

Authored reports to assist in CMS, HEDIS, and Joint Commission reporting. Assisted in the data modeling and overall design of the data warehouse.

Created Extract, Transform, Load scripting in SQL for some grant-supplied databases (those supplied in ‘Universe’).

OnCure Oncology (Clinical and Financial Data Warehousing)

Conducted interviews with 16 employees to establish scoping requirements for a large-scale data warehousing project.

Wrote Business Intelligence Roadmap that included a full, phased project plan to assess all data requirements and sources.

Arcadian (Financial Data Warehousing)

Conducted interviews with 30 employees to establish scoping requirements for a large-scale data warehousing project.

Wrote Business Intelligence Roadmap that included a full, phased project plan to assess all data requirements and sources.

Acted as pre-sales in order to secure the engagement for the Business Intelligence

Physics Associate

Road Map / Project Scoping. – NHS Scotland, Glasgow, UK 

January 2006 to December 2006

Developed data standard for Beatson Oncology Centre after evaluating national data needs including MCN data, internal reporting needs, and unique UK healthcare issues.

Proposed national cancer data standard for Scotland based on current clinical data capture and the cancer registry system of other nations.

Developed a reporting suite for VARiS to fit all data needs.

Successfully organized a Go-Live and Implementation date for two months following my arrival to the department.

Developed an infrastructure of highly trained employees to support VARiS within Beatson Oncology Centre.

Created Reporting database.Created Extract, Transform, Load stored procedures from Sybase for data extraction and transformation in reporting database.

Assisted in the development of clinical QA protocols for physics, dosimetry, and radiotherapy based on IRMER regulations.

Authored training materials.

Trained 250+ employees on usage of VARiS, which included standard usage and NHS data-focused training.

Re-architected system to match Beatson’s needs.


UPMC – Pittsburgh, PA

January 1999 to December 2006

UPMC Cancer Centers (Radiation Oncology: Financial Analyst III – DBA V)

Documented charge process, scheduling process, and treatment processes in VARiS for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Automated charge process based on levels of treatment and implemented charge interface to Epic. Developed predictive financial reports based on patient scheduling with less than

1% error rate.

Documented Historical Business Structures and Statistical Reporting Methods.

Documented site-specific usage information for VARiS as implemented on a multiple-site multiple- accelerator clustered server, and fitting the complex business needs of a global / hospital-based radiation oncology administration.

Created an Honest Broker System for the department of Radiation Oncology.

Developed a daily statistical package for radiation oncology treatments, starts, and clinical pathways. Developed ETL /datamart to combine data from four EHR sources for daily statistical reporting, ad hoc reporting, referral trending reporting, as well as support casefinding and research initiatives.

Developed training materials on the use of EPIC/Clarity data warehouse with intent for Radiation and Medical Oncology Statistical Gathering.

Developed data quality checking method using several reporting systems to assist in full casefinding. Served as main honest broker of the data for use in Quality Assurance Initiatives.

UPMC Cancer Centers (Finance: Financial Analyst III)

Implemented PeopleSoft 7.5 Financial Reporting. Within weeks, streamlined statistical reporting process from 30 days per report to standard daily statistical package according to the business needs and structures.

Responsible for the reporting of all radiation oncology statistics for a fast-changing, multi-site, multi- system company.

Implemented E&M Coding Distribution Reporting via Crystal Reports using HCFA standardized data and organizing information into charts for ease of dissemination.

Created data mart for financial and statistical reporting.

Designed and implemented VBA code in Access to accommodate stringent medical billing needs. Designed, implemented and maintained Cancer Centers Dashboard reports.

Designed, implemented, and maintained processes for Radiation Oncology CDM, Scheduling, Billing, and statistics.

Accounting Clerk – Business Analyst)

UPMC CMI (USO) (Finance January 2000 to December 2003

Wrote and compiled Financial Analyst training materials in 2000.

Created several cross-functional reports and a physicians scorecard that integrated Epic data with Financial Data. 

Produced all monthly Income Statements for 400 physician practices.

Designed Access database to analyze and generate fee schedules.

Created cross-mappings and validated the conversion from DBS to PeopleSoft.

Customer Service Analyst

Qualex – Pittsburgh, PA

January 1996 to December 1999

Designed, developed, implemented, and maintained a weekly quality assurance / performance program for over 70 employees spanning 10 departments.

Collected data and investigated troubled cases for quality assurance program across several different systems using several types of data collection (queries, manual tabulation, printer information).

Converted QA program from Excel to Access database in 3NF and created corresponding “Performance Enhancement Training” (PET) Program report ‘suite’.

Assisted PET implementation in Qualex labs nationwide, including written documentation and on-site or in-house training and setup.


    • ETL (Informatica, PL-SQL, Transact SQL, SSIS, etc.) (10+ years)

    • Querying and Reporting(TOAD, SPSS, SAS, Business Objects WEBI, Business Objects DESKI, Tableau, PowerBI, SSRS) (10+ years)

    • Analysis (10+ years)

    • Documentation (10+ years)

    • SQL (10+ years)

    • Data Modeling (ERWin, ERStudio, TOAD Data Modeler) (10+ years)

    • Linux / Unix (8 years)

    • HL7 (10+ years)

    • EHR’s NextGen (10+ years)

    • Epic (Clarity, Revenue Cycle, Cadence, Bridges, Resolute, HomeHealth) (10+ years)

    • Cerner (PowerInsight, PowerChart, Anesthesiology, GenLab) (5 years)

    • Reporting (Operational, Regulatory, Compliance, HEDIS, Research, Honest Brokerage, Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Dashboarding, Analytics) (10+ years)

    • Hospital Ancillary systems (10+ years)

    • Varian (VARiS, Aria) (10+ years)

    • LANTIS / IMPAC (4 years)

    • Horizon Cardiology (3 years)

    • Stentor (5 years)

    • MUSE (4 years)

    • CareVue (5 years)

    • HIPAA (10+ years)

    • Billing Practices (10+ years)

    • Medical Coding practices (10+ years)

    • Clinical processes (10+ years)

    • SDLC (10+ years)

    • Project Management (Microsoft Project, Asana) (10+ years)

    • Accounting (5 years)

    • Testing (10+ years)

    • Planning (10+ years)

    • Implementation (10+ years)

    • Hyperion Brio (5 years)

    • Cognos Framework and Reporting (10+ years)

    • SSIS. (5 years)

    • SharePoint (10+ years)

    • Data Warehouse (10+ years)

    • Business Intelligence (10+ years)

    • Agile (7 years)

    • Oracle (10+ years)

    • MySQL (10+ years)

    • Requirements Gathering (10+ years)

    • Business Analysis (10+ years)

    • Business Requirements (10+ years)

    • Visio (10+ years)

    • Scripting (10+ years)

    • Microsoft Powerpoint (10+ years)

    • Power BI (10+ years)

    • Test Cases (10+ years)

    • Jira (5 years)

    • IT management (8 years)

    • Management (10+ years)

    • Leadership (10+ years)


Market Audits Combat Cannabis Misinformation

June 2024

I synthesized the data from several sources for examination, and created several visualizations to support analysis.

Federating Clinical Data from Six Pediatric Hospitals: Process and Initial Results from the PHIS+ Consortium publication/51921274_Federating_Clinical_Data_from_Six_Pediatric_Hospitals_Process_and_Initial_Results_from_the_PHI 

January 2011

I was a co-author and created the visuals / process text about a project where we federated data from six different pediatric hospitals to support medical research.