Category: Data Governance

  • A Privacy Nightmare

    This case occurred at a health care organization that performed a variety of reproductive health procedures, including medication abortions via the administration of misoprostol and mifepristone. The organization ran their electronic health record (EHR) in an environment hosted by the application vendor (these records were held offsite on a solution that was built on Amazon […]

  • Weird Lessons about Data Governance

    Lessons I didn’t read in a Book of Knowledge Data black markets within an organization drive data policy. Any organization large enough to have a centralized data source is bound to have a data black market that has sprung up around that source. This is especially true if there aren’t meaningful governance strategies already in place. […]

  • Easy, not Simple: Diagnosing Data Quality Issues

    No data science program will be successful if its source data quality issues aren’t addressed. Anyone that says their source data doesn’t have data quality issues hasn’t looked at it hard enough, talked to business users or data warehouse analysts enough. Every source system will have endemic quality issues — it is the duty of the data […]