Author: jamietoth

  • The Mysteries of a Harmless Room: Exploring Amir Motlagh’s Three Worlds.

    Amir Motlagh has a knack for making films that leave me feeling moved and raw. They also challenge me to evaluate my connections – or lack thereof – quite keenly. When I sat down to rewatch Motlagh’s film “Three Worlds” so I could write something meaningful and cohesive about it, I had three questions written […]

  • Project Recap: Thoughts on My Upcycled Denim Corset

    I last wore ‘hard pants’ (I wear leggings under my skirts like Daenerys Targaryen so I’m not talking about those) sometime in 2019, in the before-fore times. I’ve never been a huge fan of trousers — I’ve always preferred skirts. I even wore skirts when I was marathoning. Imagine my annoyance when I went to […]

  • Maurice Wilson: Man of Fasting and Prayer

    The story of Maurice Wilson, fabled “Madman of Everest” I once heard that every corpse on Everest was once one of the most motivated people in the world. There are many people in the world who could tell you the story of George Leigh Mallory. There are some that could tell you about Green Boots, […]

  • Cannabis Labs Vs Cannabis Science

    Something’s Gotta Give, and it Will Be Consumer Faith in Science. Testing Issues In Oregon: A Brief History of How We Got Here Testing issues have been endemic in Oregon. They were notably present since at least 2015, which was the year, the Oregonian did a massive multi-part story covering shortfalls meant to inform residents […]

  • Phantom of The Paradise

    A Cult Classic That Pairs Well With cannabis. The 70’s were a crazy time, and in 1974, Brian De Palma wasn’t famous yet — but Paul Williams sure was, and the two of them teamed up to create The Phantom of Paradise. I don’t want to insult anyone’s intelligence about what a king Paul Williams […]

  • What I Did With The Shadows

    How What We Do In The Shadows and enough IFS to be dangerous helped me negotiate a cease-fire with my inner critic. Like countless others, one of the ways that I have dealt with the trauma of my past is writing about it. I have been engaging in a pretty relentless (heh) self-inventory as part […]

  • Pondering Amir Motlagh’s 2018 MAN in 2021

    Amir Motlagh’s MAN is a beautifully shot, prescient meditation on the nature of the human experience and of connectedness in increasingly disconnected times. The film moves through a mantra of daily activities before accelerating towards an emotionally impactful ending. I’m going to admit I wasn’t expecting to emotionally connect with this film the way I […]

  • Learning About An Antique Singer Sewing Machine

    The resources I used to learn about my new-to-me Singer. I love old treadle sewing machines, and I’ve romanticized them since a relatively young age. I’ve been vaguely looking for an antique sewing machine for over a year, and I was picky about it. Once you start looking for them you find them cropping up […]

  • What I Learned By Sewing and Wearing An 1890’s Working Woman’s Corset

    I’m just going to say it, I really like the way I look in a corset. A confluence of things six months ago first lead me to the strange thought that I could sew a corset. The thought that I could sew one lead me straight to the idea that I should. I’m not alone in […]