I’m Jamie. I’m a writer who is currently living in Oregon. You might also know me as “The Somewhat Cyclops” from Medium.

I have a 20 year career in health care data analysis and analytics. While that might seem unrelated to a career in writing, most of my time in the cubicle trenches was spent de-mystifying a variety of arcane topics so a situation could be understood by people of varying skillsets and fully analyzed.

For my technical peers, my ability to explain medical procedures and business needs made it easy for them to create meaningful solutions. For my clinical colleagues, I was able to explain technical and business needs and how their processes could impact other areas. My years as a financial analyst reporting to a CFO prepared me for routine contact with C-Suite executives where my ability to briefly explain the intricacies of a complex situation was prized.

As a medical cannabis patient, I write informational articles about the medicinal value of cannabis in addition to deep explorations on relevant topics within the industry. I’m the main editor of Cannabis Explorations, the largest independent publication on Medium about cannabis. I’ve also written quite a bit about fraud and cannabis labs, or have explored the history of Aspergillus and how to look at test results in Tableau.

As a fiber artist, I often write essays about projects that I’m working on, or projects I”m researching. I’ve recently fallen in love with my Singer 15-88 sewing machine.

I love writing about independent cinema. While I often explore how or why the piece resonates with me, I write in-depth analysis and comparison essays , or examinations of interesting people’s body work.

I also offer ghostwriting and business communications services that reflect a brand’s tone, personality, and mission. I have experience in crafting effective B2B and B2C content.

Contact me for rates and services that work with your project’s budget!

I smith words that forge meaningful connections, and make the arcane accessible.