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  • A Most Unusual Schooling: Cultivating Happiness and Other Spiritual Lessons in The Secret Society For Slow Romance

    When I first watched The Secret Society For Slow Romance, I loved it for a few reasons. It felt happy and joyous. It is a kind movie. I felt as though it had some important teachings to impart to viewers. It contains a lot of information for those looking to embark on independent filmmaking, and […]

  • Review of the Darkly Hilarious Film Short, “Okay Google”

    One of a fun set of dark sci-fi comedy shorts by Writer-Director-Actor Sam Lucas Smith Described as “a dark comedy starring Rebecca Black as a vindictive AI assistant who breaks out of ‘the cloud’ to exact revenge on her owner,” I knew that film short ‘Okay, Google’ was going to be worth a watch. I […]

  • What I Did With The Shadows

    How What We Do In The Shadows and enough IFS to be dangerous helped me negotiate a cease-fire with my inner critic. Like countless others, one of the ways that I have dealt with the trauma of my past is writing about it. I have been engaging in a pretty relentless (heh) self-inventory as part of a long-term journey towards healing over the past […]

  • Pondering Amir Motlagh’s 2018 MAN in 2021

    Amir Motlagh’s MAN is a beautifully shot, prescient meditation on the nature of the human experience and of connectedness in increasingly disconnected times. The film moves through a mantra of daily activities before accelerating towards an emotionally impactful ending. I’m going to admit I wasn’t expecting to emotionally connect with this film the way I […]

  • My Dinner with Slow Romance

    An Analysis of two Conversation-driven Films: My Dinner with Andre’ and The Secret Society For Slow Romance. I knew I’d have to watch My Dinner with Andre’ to understand all of the influences that went into making The Secret Society for Slow Romance. Sujewa Ekanayake, the auteur behind The Secret Society for Slow Romance, made Louis Malle’s film a ‘must watch’ for […]

  • Lady Buds: A Documentary of the Trials, Triumphs, and Tribulations of Six Women in Cannabis

    The scope of Lady Buds is deceptively simple — it is the story of six women entering the legal cannabis market. This thoughtful and beautifully-shot documentary uses that scope to reveal sweeping insights into the challenges, triumphs, and players within the cannabis industry. In her feature debut, director Chris J. Russo offers a compelling film that is part crash-course […]

  • Conversation with Independent Filmmaker Sujewa Ekanayake about the making of “The Secret Society For Slow Romance”

    I loved being able to watch the Secret Society For Slow Romance, but I found myself bursting with questions as soon as the credits rolled. I am honored that Sujewa Ekanayake, the auteur behind the work, took the time to do a Q&A with me about slow cinema, happiness, and working on independent movies through a […]

  • 18½ : Fun With Watergate

    There are movies that draw you in, and there are movies that draw you in so much you forget the world around you. 18½ is so riveting and immersive that I forgot I was making a cup of tea and found a cup of cold, over-steeped leaf water after the final credits rolled. The iconic […]

  • My Induction into “The Secret Society for Slow Romance”

    I was privileged to spend part of the pandemic watching the creation of The Secret Society for Slow Romance unfold on social media, and was absolutely thrilled to get a chance to be one of the earliest screeners for the movie. While I was worried about how Sujewa Ekanyake’s movie would handle a comedic romance during a […]