Author: Jamie Toth

  • A Privacy Nightmare

    This case occurred at a health care organization that performed a variety of reproductive health procedures, including medication abortions via the administration of misoprostol and mifepristone. The organization ran their electronic health record (EHR) in an environment hosted by the application vendor (these records were held offsite on a solution that was built on Amazon […]

  • Is THC Bad for Cannabis?

    THC Chasing is Killing Honest Growers, Labs, and Retailers Provocative, click-baity title, I know, but cannabis lovers — I need your attention because we need to talk about something serious. We aren’t doing right by this plant that gives so much. Chasing the highest THC (‘THC Chasing’) when purchasing at dispensaries has the potential to kill this […]

  • My Induction into “The Secret Society for Slow Romance”

    I was privileged to spend part of the pandemic watching the creation of The Secret Society for Slow Romance unfold on social media, and was absolutely thrilled to get a chance to be one of the earliest screeners for the movie. While I was worried about how Sujewa Ekanyake’s movie would handle a comedic romance […]

  • Lady Buds: A Documentary of the Trials, Triumphs, and Tribulations of Six Women in Cannabis

    The scope of Lady Buds is deceptively simple — it is the story of six women entering the legal cannabis market. This thoughtful and beautifully-shot documentary uses that scope to reveal sweeping insights into the challenges, triumphs, and players within the cannabis industry. In her feature debut, director Chris J. Russo offers a compelling film that is […]

  • Weird Lessons about Data Governance

    Lessons I didn’t read in a Book of Knowledge Data black markets within an organization drive data policy. Any organization large enough to have a centralized data source is bound to have a data black market that has sprung up around that source. This is especially true if there aren’t meaningful governance strategies already in place. […]

  • Terpene Education

    I’ve been working on a series of articles featured on my Medium account about terpenes. I also plan to expand these articles into a larger reference work for other medical cannabis patients that I plan to make available as an ebook and some special editions in print. Watch this space for more!

  • Why I love Pilates (Contrology)

    I tore my ACL into three pieces when I was 16. Because I had a terrible surgeon, I spent most of my senior knee in an immobilizer. The terrible job done by the second rate hack surgeon came back to roost in 2003, when I had to have two surgeries to fix the damage: the […]

  • Sitting With Trauma: Lessons Collected on My Meditation Journey

    Progress can sometimes feel like suffering when you’re in the middle of it If people ask me how much I meditate, I’ll be coy about it — as if it’s a secret, personal experience shared between the universe and me. Too many people are carrying trauma as we endure the ravages of a pandemic, so I feel it’s […]

  • Easy, not Simple: Diagnosing Data Quality Issues

    No data science program will be successful if its source data quality issues aren’t addressed. Anyone that says their source data doesn’t have data quality issues hasn’t looked at it hard enough, talked to business users or data warehouse analysts enough. Every source system will have endemic quality issues — it is the duty of the data […]