I’m Jamie, a writer in Oregon. I enjoy writing about a wide variety of topics. While I have mainly built an audience on Medium, I am also a freelance writer for independent filmmakers and I write long-form film analysis on Patreon.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I didn’t start to embark on a full-time writing career until my vision issues started to impact my ability to work on computer screens full-time. My prior career was in health care data analysis and analytics. While that might seem unrelated, most of my career was spent de-mystifying a variety of arcane topics in order for people to be able to reach a consensus. For my technical peers, my ability to explain medical procedures and business needs made it easy for them to create meaningful solutions. For my clinical colleagues, I was able to explain technical and business needs and how their processes could impact that. The C-Suite executives would get an even higher view that made the entire workflow more accessible to them, so they could understand what issues we were facing and what resources would be needed.

Now, I am taking all of those skills to write content that matters to me.

As a medical cannabis patient, I write informational articles about the medicinal value of cannabis in addition to deep explorations on relevant topics within the industry. I’m the main editor of Cannabis Explorations, the largest independent publication on Medium about cannabis.

I also love writing about independent cinema. Like many, I have a deep love of David Lynch’s Eraserhead that has always inspired me to look at films beyond the mainstream. While I often explore how or why the piece resonates with me, I also write in-depth analysis and comparison essays which would be appropriate for promotional materials or booklets.

Author in her house.

I smith words that forge meaningful connections.